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Watch HD videos on Motorola Droid X

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Watch HD videos on Motorola Droid X

Post  CCpotter on Thu Oct 20, 2011 2:06 am

Alright everybody! since iphone is not the only smart phone nowadays with a shining big screen, and there are many other manufacters that actually have made good big screen smart phone too, like HTC Evo 4G and Samsung stuff, so if you happen to have a Motorola Droid X, then i' m gonna tell you how to enjoy nice HD movies on this little Motorola show horse! First of all, let's have a clear view on what this HD video is:

HD video is short for High-definition video, it has become such popular trend that even been adopted by some video sharing websites, like YouTube, not to say mobile phones. Because of its high pic quality and wonderful audio decoding, more and more videos will be released in this format.

For Motorola Droid X users here would recommend a powerful Droid X video converter – Leawo Video Converter, which acts as a Free Motorola Droid X video converter and helps convert video to Droid X for Motorola Droid X users. This Droid X video converter could convert all fantastic HD videos to Droid X thus lets users be able to watch HD videos on Droid X without worrying about format limitation.

Now, let's start the tutorial process of converting HD video to Droid X
Step 1: Load HD videos by clicking "Add Video"
By clicking "Add Video", you can add HD videos to convert for your Droid X Motorola. You can reorder and rename HD videos being converted here. With the built-in player, you can preview videos and snapshot images as you want.

Step 2: Edit HD videos by clicking "Edit"
If you want to customize HD videos to output your own patent videos on Droid X, you can click "Edit" to make some editing work to HD videos being converted. Some editing options include: trim video length, crop video black margins, change video effects and add image watermark or text signature.

Step 3: Apply a proper "Profile" and change "Settings"
Leawo Video Converter has nicely provided optimized output profile for you to convert HD videos to Droid X. You can select from various options simply by clicking "Profile" box. Choose the right profile for your Droid X.

Click "Settings" to change output video codec parameters. You can change output video settings, including video codec, audio codec, quality, bit rate, aspect ratio, frame rate, etc.

Clicking "Output" box would help you set the output destination to save your HD videos and then you can play HD videos on Droid X.

Step 4: Convert HD videos to Droid X by clicking "Convert"
After you have set the editing and settings, now you can convert HD videos to Droid X by clicking the big "Convert". When you press this button, you could see the converting progress, converting time, and make after-done operations including automatically open file folders and shut down computer.

Since you have converted HD videos to Droid X file formats, now you could move the converted HD videos to your Droid X and enjoy it on the go.


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