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Quick Setup CPALead

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Quick Setup CPALead

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 24, 2010 12:38 pm

Quick Setup CPALead

Here is just a quick step to make a CPALead;

1: Make a free website HERE.

2: Get a free template HERE.
To install the template you are going to need a ftp client.
Here is a free one to use FileZilla.

Under your "Files" In your Webhost CPanel, click on "View FTP Details".
Enter in those fields into your FileZilla. You don't need to enter anything into "Port".
Find your Template you downloaded, at the bottom left, and In your template folder there is another folder named html.
Open it.
Now at the bottom right of FileZilla, open the folder named "Public_HTML".

Now Select everything in Your template HTML folder and Upload everything.

Exit FileZilla.

2: Sign up HERE to get accepted .
Just make up an company name.
Under how many visits you get a day put 200.
But make sure everything else is correct and real.

It will take 3-4 days till you get validated. It may be sooner, I got mine in a few hours.

3: Create Widget.
Once you get validated. Go to CPALead. Under Widget Tab.
Click on "Create New Widget".
Select "Videos" Widget.
Select "Webpage With Video"
Click Continue
Click Continue again
Click Continue again
Click Continue again
You can name your Widget anything you want.
Then Scroll down and click on agree.
When a popup, hit Cancel
Scroll down and there is your code. Copy it!

4: Entering Widget to your website.
Go to your CPanel in your webhost. Select "File Manager".
Then Click on "Public_HTML"
When you find your index.html click edit on it.
Way at top of the sloppy code. There is a line that says "<head>".
Hit enter to make a free line after "<head>"
Copy your Widget code on that blank line.

There is your setup to your CPALead.

If you would like an in depth into CPALead take a look Guide to CPALead

Enjoy! Okay?



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