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Complete beginner guide to CPAlead

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Complete beginner guide to CPAlead

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 11, 2010 4:49 am

Complete beginner guide to CPAlead

Before we begin I want you do something. I want you to forget everything anyone has ever told you about making money at home on the internet, I want you to forget every gimmick you’️ve read online, Any eBook you may have purchased in the passed I want you to forget about it! While reading this eBook I want you to have an open mind set and believe that you can make money online with out having to post on every website forum your spam link or adylf link. Now I’️m not promising you that you will make 3000$ in one day but I will guarantee you that you will gain knowledge on CPAlead and you will a good maintain a income, This eBook will also open you up to an amazing thing called “Internet marketing” The sky is really the limit when it comes to making money online.

Chapter one

what is CPAlead?
CPAlead is no joke, Couple of my friends have been with CPAlead for over 1 year now and have made roughly 30,000$ ever since, one in particular his name is Alex he is a twenty two year old college drop out, his parents stopped supporting him when he dropped out he was left with a small apartment and literally 230$ in his pocket. He discovered CPAlead one night and from that night on it was a wrap, He's raking in about 7,000$ a month till this day, He has taught me the rules of trade pretty much everything I know, Now I'm teaching you guys! Everyday I browse the "monetizing techniques" I see threads like "Need help making $$$" and plenty more, That is the only reason I'm making this tutorial, for the unfortunate people who don't know how to code a language, for the people who think posting adylf links is bringing in a decent income for them, for the people who beg for money..I guarantee that you will make money if you follow this guide word-for-word. Still not convinced? Here is some proof CPAlead is a cash pot..When you register for CPAlead there's a chatbox and you can see what people earn daily, monthly and lifetime..

Chapter two

getting started
Before we begin the thing first you will need to do is register to CPAlead, If you haven't already, you can start by going | HERE The second link is my referral link, I don't expect you to register under me nor is it mandatory but it helps me just a little, but the choice is yours. Registering to CPAlead is a little tricky because it's solely based on if you get accepted or not, the biggest obstacle for most people is the tax-document procedure they require you to fill out. When you fill out the tax document it's recommended you use real information but it's not enforced. I personally used fake information and got accepted in three or four business days

After you've registered on CPAlead and activated your e-mail with your account, it's best for for your self to get familiar and comfortable with the dashboard AKA control panel. The first thing I advise you to do is go to the to "Account" located on the menu bar. When your there your going to see general payment information choose the minimum pay out you would like to receive and also choose your preferred payment type (I suggest choosing the lowest because you are new to CPAlead) Next you should see PayPal payment information put your PayPal E-Mail there (only if you choose to paid via PayPal of course) That's it for now, I've pretty much covered the most important things to setting up your account, Let's move on shall we?

Chapter three

You need to find what your going to monetize. Finding something to monetize is very easy but at the same time very difficult, Why? One word competition, Let me make an example..If there's ~30 million people on the internet less then 1 million users are internet marketers or make money off the internet (These numbers are not correct they are based off estimates) Why does this matter? Finding some monetize is luck it's based off how much competition you have and your content. Let's say you decide to monetize "Weight loss supplements" Overweight and obesity is the #1 problem in America, Meaning 40% of the users on the internet will search "weight loss pills" "pills that make you loose weight" "weight loss diet" Take a look at these images this is information taken from Google Keyword tool (I will explain this beautiful tool in detail further we go into the tutorial)

Take a look at the first image, You see "weight loss pills" 550,000 searches in two weeks* The competition is at an all time high. Look at the second images, Just like I said America is the country that "weight loss pills" has been searched the most, Anything dealing with "Weight loss" will always be an automatic hit, it will never die out, BUT there is a lot of competition for this which is a bad idea but if you have unique and pay for advertising then you make can make tons of money off this but since your new I strongly recommend you stay away from anything that has competition. Monetizing anything like that takes a lot of experience which I will not go into detail with, In the next chapter we will set up your first CPAlead ad and explain how to you how you can find your own.

Chapter four

your first monetize
So it's time to set up your first CPAlead advertisement. CPAlead pays you a certain amount of cash for every time someone does your survey the amount can be anywhere from 00.01 to 5.00$ Finding what to monetize is a vital part. Below I will write a brief summery on finding what to monetize

Finding what to monetize: The most easiest thing to monetize is with down-loadable content such as software; software is something that people are always trying to get for free: When finding what kind of software to monetize it's best to choose software that people are paying for already, meaning if people value the software enough that they're paying money of their wallet it's going to be worth doing one survey to get it. Basically you just have to make sure whatever your going out for free it's worth the time that people will spend 5 minutes filling out a survey.

So with that being said, we're going to be monetizing "Software" as an example to all of you for this tutorial. Now finding the right type of software you want to look for popular best-selling type soft; A really good method on finding what are the best selling software is by heading over to then go to the software section and click on best sellers.

The image above shows the top 8 software best-sellers (out of 100) Now if you were to create a site for all 8 sites that will guarantee you at least 100$ weekly. So after you found what software your going to monetize you will need to create a website for it and add your CPAlead widget to it.

For this tutorial I will be monetizing (Adobe Photoshop Elements Cool as an example to all of you.

Chapter five

building and advertising
Before we being the advertising your going to need a couple things
Youtube Account
Windows movie maker

After you've gathered all everything stated above we can begin the process of advertising.

The video
Creating the right type of video is vital, "A picture is worth a thousand words" in this case it's worth your income, but wait were doing a video what does a picture have to do with it? Remember what software I was going to monetize? it was Adobe Photoshop Elements 8

“adobe photoshop elements 8 free download” results 1 - 20 of about 93

Adobe photoshop elements 8 does not have a lot of competition, there's only about ~100 videos of people giving out free, that is good thing! Why? Less people giving it out means more money for you! You have to take advantage of this.

It's time to set up the advertisement. This is where the list of things you needed comes in handy, a youtube account, windows movie maker and free/paid web hosting.

Ahead over to Google and under images search what the software your going to monetize with, for this tutorial we're monetizing Adobe Photoshop Elements 8

Here are some very very good examples of what to use in your video, those images will appear in your thumbnail, when they look at the thumbnail they're going to see the actual program view from the desktop so it'll make it more believable. After you've found the right image save it to your computer and open up Windows movie maker, click on import media and find the image. Timing; You have to make sure your video is at least 1 minutes and 30 seconds long why? Put your self in your customers shoes for a moment. If you were looking for software would you rather go to a 40 second video containing a link to an anonymous download site OR would you rather look at a video that is 2 minutes long video. Exactly you have to do what ever it takes for them to just click on your link. (you get paid for how many people visit and click your surveys as well) Music is optional, I personally prefer soft music to breed trust and calm vibes, if you put a rap/rock what will the user think about a song "Kill Kill 666 money hookers drugs guns"

Your out come should look something like this, remember to expand the time to at least 2 minutes long. It's optional to add titles or credits saying "Link in description" I usually don't cause the users should have the common sense to check the description box, if you do decide to add annotations use the youtube feature instead.

Uploading to Youtube. When your finish editing your video in windows movie maker you can go ahead and upload it to youtube.

Keywords. Without keywords no-one will be able to find your video so you need to make sure that you have the right title and keywords. For the title I suggest you putting something along this line
FREE Adobe Photoshop Elements 32/64 BIT FREE
Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 - Key-gen w/ Download
Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 w/ Commentary
Free Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 Download

Choosing the right keywords for your video is a very important step. I have provided some useful tools to choosing the right keyword for your video.

Google AdWords
Search-base keyword tool
Google Adwords: Traffic Estimator
Free Keyword suggestion tool for SEO, AdWords or blogging
Free Search Term Suggestion Tool

That pretty much sums everything that has to be done with video, we'll now be working on the actual website and how design/set it up.

Your Website
Building your website is very easy. You have 2 choices here, you can either redirect people to your website or create a blog and redirect them there, I personally redirect them to my blogspot then to my domain, here is an ideal look for your blog.
If you don't like bogs you can go with creating a simple HTML page, make sure you add a breif summery of the product and a retail box picture of the software just like I had one in my blog. *You can't add CPAlead widgets to blogspots you need to redirect them to your actual site*


I recommend you don't buy a domain like a .info or .com or should stick with free host web sites for now, when you become more experienced and have more knowledge with monetizing techniques and find your own niches you should invest ~20$ for a .com and web hosting, this is only good for one niche for example if I bought that is only good for movie advertisement.

finding software
Now of course your going to have to find software to give out to your users, this is easy you can either use Torrentz or Warez forums. DO NOT UPLOAD TO YOUR WEBHOST. You need to link them to the rapidshare link or torrentz link, never never have the actual download from you web host, this will lead to copy right problems.

CPAlead widget
Here comes to easiest part of the tutorial! Building your CPAlead is easy but there are some rules that you will have to follow, which benefits you 100% Ahead over to CPAlead and go to the control panel. Click "Widgets"

Create new widget > File Download > Web page containing file(s)

After you costumize the widget , click save and go to View Code.

Read the instructions how to implement the code in your blog/website. (Its easy).



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