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Making LEGAL extra money online + prizes [TUT]

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Making LEGAL extra money online + prizes [TUT]

Post  Timbit13 on Sat Jan 22, 2011 2:40 pm

First of all, if you are reading this with the hopes of easily just making like hundreds of thousands of dollars GTFO (:

A- The first Site that I am going to talk about is called swagbucks, and it lets you redeem gifts when you do very simple things. Don't forgot the most important thing is patience.

1. First things first, register at Swagbucks . (All my links have it's and it is normal,just click skip ads on the top right after 5 seconds. I will explain why later in this tutorial)

2.There are many ways to earn points that you can later redeem for prizes.

a)You can just use the search bar located on the main page. Every time you search you get a chance to win 7-13 swagbucks and very rarely 50.

NOTE: Do not spam searches, it doesn't give you more chances, trust me, I tried. Just use it as a search engine.

b) You can also watch Swagbucks TV. The more you watch, the more the meter fills up and when it is full you win 5 swagbucks. ( you have to watch in a row, if not meter empties)

This trick was better before the meter got added, but anyways it is still good. What you can do is get a second internet browser, that you mute using the icon on the bottom left. Then you log in swagbucks and let the movies run. That simple, but check on it once in a while to make shure it is all ok.

c)Voting on the poll each day gives you 1 Swagbucks... Yes it isn't much, but it is not difficult.

d) Doing surveys can rack you up a lot of swagbucks, but the chances you are accepted are very low. All you have to do is select a survey and then answer some questions.A survey can range from 30 to 200 SB (SB = Swagbucks)

e)This last way I am going to talk about is new and I like it a lot. It is called swag bucks games. You can just play games free and after a while you can win 2 SB.

BUT, there is another way to earn a lot of swag bucks. This way is a bit risky so don't come crying saying I did not warn you.

First, you find a game you have already played or that you are really good in.
Then, you can enter tournaments (it costs SB) where you play a game and if you get the highest score between all the people you can win some swag bucks.
I suggest that you play a normal game and you check your daily high score ranking, so if you are on the top than try to keep getting a score that high.

There are 3 kinds of tournaments.

-The first kind is very profitable,but very hard to win to win. Every week, in every game there is a contest in each game that can make you win thousands of SB, but everyone can enter as many times as they want in the week, so it's hard to be the best.(cost 8 SB)

-This one is a tournament between 10 people. Each player can only play one game and the 3 bests win SB (only the first makes profit.) It is still pretty hard to win in this type of tournament, since there are a lot of people, so I would suggest only when you are really good.(cost 5 SB)

-This one I have always one up to now. Only 3 people in the tournament so it is a lot easier, unless you end up on someone really good. It cost more SB but the risks are lower. Not saying you will always win, just more chances.(cost 10 SB)

NOTE: There are other ways, but does necessitate you to spend money or things in that matter, so I don't do them, but feel free to try.

NOTE2: You can also refer your friends to join swag bucks under your referral link(Found here) so that the 1000 first SB they get, you earn the same amount.

3.Try to use it commonly as search engine and check up on it frequently. And you can end up getting neat stuff from it.

I do not recommend at the beginning, but you can use your SB to enter Swagstakes which is like entering a sweepstakes, so many enter them, but only one person wins, so it's risky.

But, the good thing is you can redeem them for prizes when you reach a certain amount. You can purchase items with your SB here. It is completely legit and will send you whatever you have ordered.
BUT, do not worry if you do not trust them to give your address, or just if you live outside the countries allowed to register, there is always a way. You can always redeem E-Card Codes, which will allow you to get money on sites like i tunes, and more. They will only give you the code online so there is no need to give your address, they just give you the code that you use online.
ALSO, if you which they can also send money directly to your paypal.

This concludes the swag bucks part of my tutorial, so if you have any questions just ask, I will be happy to add any missing information.

B-You probably realized that all of the links that I posted had ads before reaching the desired site. Well that is because each time someone clicks on a link, I get money. The site is called and on this site, the concept is very simple.

NOTE: Please register with the links I give, because you will be reffered by me. It won't change anything for you, just that I will get a little something extra (;

1-Make an account here.

2-Each time you want to send a link to someone, or in you signature, on a video or on anything. You go on the site and shorten it, so that when people click the link you get money. It is that simple.
It is the same concept as tinyurl and all those sites except you win money.

I hope that this tutorial has been helpful and if you need help don't hesitate to ask (:


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